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Sick Chihuahua

Brought Chaos to the vet last week for his first ever vaccine shots. He’s 2 years old but has never been vaccinated yet. Good thing he’s healthy.

He was given the Anti Rabies and Anti Parvo vaccines, so 2 needles in one day. The vet said he might become weak and lethargic due to the vaccines, but he’ll be ok. When Angel got her shots, she only slept overnight, the next day she was back to her old crazy, playful, goofy self. But Chaos, being so small, showed all side effects. The poor baby was too weak to even move. It was hot but she was shivering. It took my body heat plus a thick blanket to get him to stop shaking. We were so worried.

But 48 hours later, Chaos started standing up again and walking around. I was relieved when we came home Saturday evening and he was at the door welcoming us home. The only good thing i got from his moment of weakness are chances for a photo op…