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Perks of being a gardener…


Look at what we got at the office the other day. Spring is like Christmas in a gardening magazine office!

wpid-20130521_175531.jpgI have been looking forward to this. Last year, the boss just gave us a couple of pots from the box that Proven Winners has sent her and the Superbells Lemon Slice calibrachoa hybrid was my favourite! It was absolutely stunning that I just had to have them in my garden again this year!

Anowpid-20130521_175535.jpgther fave from Proven Winners is their Superbells Cherry Star. The colours could just brighten up any garden, where ever they are placed.

I can’t wait to see how these new flowers are going to look like when they are in full bloom!

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I need a happy pill…


Do you ever encounter moments in your life when everything seem so overwhelming you keep looking for that big refresh button so you can start over? Before the mistakes, before the regrets… a do-over!

This very long winter is starting to get to me… I need Spring, sunshine, chirping birds, green luscious plants and bright coloured flowers…

It’s coming, eventually… but so is Christmas!


This post supersedes the last photo of the peony which I took May 22.

Yesterday, on our way home, I asked Gayl to go around and drive by the front of the house instead of going straight to the back lane where the garage is. I just wanted to see how the yard looked to passersby and admire the plants myself if they don’t.

Anyway, I almost had a heart attack when I saw these reddish little heads bobbing in the wind. I think I just fell in love all over again!

Aren’t they just a wonder to behold?!

More Garden Photos

Everytime I am out in the garden, I always have my handy dandy camera with me meaning to write about whatever interesting thing I could think of. I guess nothing so interesting ever comes up aside from that one time I pulled out a really big fat earthworm while digging holes for the plants. My handy dandy camera was not so handy then being out of reach from where I was sitting. So I put Mr. Earthworm back into the ground and told him to take care of my plants and not scare me like that anymore.

Anyway, photos speak louder than words so here are some of the garden’s Before and After photos. Enjoy!

Front yard
The mysterious tree we have in the front garden
Looks like our Peonies are either going to be red or pink. What do you think?
The side planter with the Hostas