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The first time that I saw you

Almost brought tears to my eye.

You were such a beautiful baby

It made me want to cry.


Then they laid you in my arms

And boy did you try to break free

But when I loosened my grip on you

You just climbed to my face and kissed me


I knew right then that I wanted you

So I told the guy “We’ll take her”

To those who said you can’t buy love

Might not have been a puppy lover.


That was more than 2 years ago

I can’t believe you’re turning three

It seem not so long ago

When you were just a puppy.


Now you’re a mommy too my dear

Making me a proud granny

But doesn’t matter how many litters you have

You are and will always be my baby.

My Little Boy…

Dear sweet little boy,
My sunshine with four feet.
Love of my life
You make me complete.

You know all my secrets,
My raves and my rants.
You know about my dreams,
My needs and my wants.

You listen with your eyes
And your paw on my hand,
And though you don’t say a word
I know you understand.

You seldom complain
And never criticize,
But it breaks my heart every time
You plead with your eyes.

Dear sweet little boy,
Don’t look at me that way,
It pains my heart to leave you
But it’ll only be for the day.


Angel has been with us since she was 3 months old and since then, she became a very precious part of our family. I had 2 nephews when I left for Canada, now I have 3 and going on 4, so Angel is the only princess. And like any baby, we  documented her growth with pictures upon pictures of pure cuteness!!

Angel with her fave toy Mr. Penguin who we brought to Canada with us. Mr. Penguin lost a lot of filling, but he is still Angel's favorite
Angel, our little ramp model, just strutting her stuff
Angel's sexy pose
Angel's signature pose

Sick Chihuahua

Brought Chaos to the vet last week for his first ever vaccine shots. He’s 2 years old but has never been vaccinated yet. Good thing he’s healthy.

He was given the Anti Rabies and Anti Parvo vaccines, so 2 needles in one day. The vet said he might become weak and lethargic due to the vaccines, but he’ll be ok. When Angel got her shots, she only slept overnight, the next day she was back to her old crazy, playful, goofy self. But Chaos, being so small, showed all side effects. The poor baby was too weak to even move. It was hot but she was shivering. It took my body heat plus a thick blanket to get him to stop shaking. We were so worried.

But 48 hours later, Chaos started standing up again and walking around. I was relieved when we came home Saturday evening and he was at the door welcoming us home. The only good thing i got from his moment of weakness are chances for a photo op…