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Open Letter to CNN

I know I have been an absentee blogger (again) these past couple of months and then I came across this blog from a fellow Filipina (the salt of your skin) who posted an open letter by a Filipino executive to CNN’s Anderson Cooper. I thought I had to share this with you.

My country has been hit hard by possibly the strongest recorded storm to make landfall and even though I am in Canada, I still feel the heartbreak that my people collectively feels towards the tragedy. But, we’re Filipinos, resilient and strong. We’ve gone through a lot of storms and always come back from them with renewed faith and strength. Continue reading Open Letter to CNN

Just missing my nephews

These are videos of my nephews when they were still little. I can’t help but smile watching them again, but I also feel that gaping hole in my heart getting bigger as I long to be with them again before they grow too old for me to hug and kiss them the way I did when they were younger.

This is Gabby singing “Boom tarat tarat” (a novelty song in the Philippines popularized by a local TV host)

Here’s big brother Rafael with his version of “Boom tarat tarat”

This is both of them singing Spongebob Square pants