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I need a happy pill…


Do you ever encounter moments in your life when everything seem so overwhelming you keep looking for that big refresh button so you can start over? Before the mistakes, before the regrets… a do-over!

This very long winter is starting to get to me… I need Spring, sunshine, chirping birds, green luscious plants and bright coloured flowers…

It’s coming, eventually… but so is Christmas!

Change in season

Colors changing,
Temperature’s dropping,
The flowers are slowly
Bowing their heads
Bitterly dying.

Nights are longer,
Days now shorter,
And soon enough
Waking up will be
So much harder.

Summer’s over
Wind now colder,
Fall is here.
Then Winter will follow
Very soon after.

Winter has started… again.

The first time I experienced snow was during my first winter here in Winnipeg (you can read about my first snow blog here).  It was fascinating! Well, the cold is another thing, but seeing those feathery white stuff falling is a lovely sight. And I love how they glisten like crystals when hit at just the right angle by the sun’s glorious rays.

Taken January 2011… Look at that pile of snow!

This winter, however, is an anomaly (as most Winnipegers say) because there isn’t much snow fall yet (not that I’m complaining, though)! By this time last year we already had a mountain of plowed snow by the side of the parking area behind the office. Now, not even a hill! Christmas wasn’t as white as most of the people here hoped it would be. It was more like a dirty, mushy Christmas than a white Christmas.

For the past few weeks we’ve been having more Spring weather than the harsh -40 C that we got used to. The temp was see-sawing between 6 degrees to – 10 degrees which melts whatever snow there is on the ground.

Today however, Winter, again, has started, and beautiful, big and perfect snowflakes graced our otherwise dull coffee and smoke breaks.  I can’t wait to get home and see the nice blanket of snow in our backyard (I don’t know if I’ll feel the same when it gets too out of hand though).

Four Seasons…

I am still in awe at how wonderful God made nature.

Coming from a country where everything is green all year round, I couldn’t really imagine how the four seasons could affect the trees and the plants. But having experienced it first hand is just so inspiring!

Trees are full and lush during summer to serve as shade from the sun, the grass is green and the flowers are in bloom so people would appreciate nature as they enjoy the summer outdoors.

Then comes autumn/fall, trees starts to lose their leaves to save their energy for the coming colder weather during winter.

Then the snow comes and covers the earth, serving as blanket over the ground and smaller plants and roots to keep the cold harsh winds from drying them up.

And Spring, glorious Spring, melts the snow back into the earth, reviving the roots and nurishing them back to health. The trees starts to grow their leaves back and everything becomes green and beautiful again, like winter never happened.

The change in seasons just goes on and on, and the trees and the plants and the wild animals survives all these just as God created them to adapt to Earth’s natural cycle.

God is just Amazing!