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My beautiful Philippines!

The weather here in Winnipeg, Canada is starting to get to me. Spring has officially started last March, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. We’re still having cold temperatures and snow till yesterday! We’ve been looking forward to getting the garden ready, but with the cold and white stuff on the ground, I’m starting to wonder if we’ll even have Spring or just jump straight into Summer.

Then I see these videos to add to my already frazzled emotional state. Made me realize what I am missing.

These are just glimpses of how beautiful MY Philippines is. And I miss everything about it and all that it represents in my life. Yes, even the crowded malls, the traffic, and the pollution. it’s what makes it home 🙂

The beautiful skylines, the grand malls and the busy streets of the country’s capital.

Beautiful Palawan and the rich culture and history surrounding Manila, the Region’s capital.

Dog mourns death of his friend…

Before watching this video, I must warn all of you that it’s a little gruesome. But the devotion of the dog does take some of that away. Dog lover or not, this will tug at your heart strings.

After watching this (in the office, I might add) I just wanted to hold my babies and tell them I love them. Dog’s are absolutely more human in understanding the aspects of loyalty.