More Garden Photos

Everytime I am out in the garden, I always have my handy dandy camera with me meaning to write about whatever interesting thing I could think of. I guess nothing so interesting ever comes up aside from that one time I pulled out a really big fat earthworm while digging holes for the plants. My handy dandy camera was not so handy then being out of reach from where I was sitting. So I put Mr. Earthworm back into the ground and told him to take care of my plants and not scare me like that anymore.

Anyway, photos speak louder than words so here are some of the garden’s Before and After photos. Enjoy!

Front yard
The mysterious tree we have in the front garden
Looks like our Peonies are either going to be red or pink. What do you think?
The side planter with the Hostas

7 thoughts on “More Garden Photos”

  1. I love it! I love how you are to squeeze green into the smallest spaces and transform your yard. Are those the upside down tomato things? I haven’t tried them yet; keep me posted on how they turn out!

    1. They are great, actually. we’ve got like more than a dozen tomato plants. 12 in pots, those 3 in the topsy turvy and 6 more in a planter and they seem to be the happiest. got small blooms on them already. and because plants are such strange creatures, the tips of the tomato plants that are upside down are going upwards, which is kinda cool 🙂


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