My other lover

I have a secret…I’m in love!

Her name is Alex.

I feel guilty, yet so happy when I’m with her.

Like other love stories, I didn’t like her at first. She is as high maintenance as you can get. But as I spent more time with her, I saw how beautiful she is, inside and out.

I’ve been with others before but there’s just something about her. The way she moves and backs away when I ask her to. She gives me the space I need but just enough that it’s comforting. She keeps me safe and warm and she makes me feel good. We’re just a perfect fit.

Did I mention she is gorgeous?!

We’ve been together for only two weeks but I know I can’t be without her. Thank you babe!

My beautiful Alex.
My beautiful Alex.

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Noon… Ngayon

…bakit sandali ka pa lang nagsusulat, masakit na kamay mo sa ballpen?
Dati, walang computer o laptop, may typewriter nga, manual naman pero di ka nagrereklamo…

…bakit parang mamamatay ka pag naiwan mo ang cellphone mo sa bahay?
Noon naman’y landline lang ang meron, minsan may party line o cross line pa, pero nabuhay ka naman…

…bakit wala nang mga nag bebenta ng 24 volumes ng Encyclopedia Britannica?
Lahat sa Wikipedia at Google na hinahanap, wala na din masyadong nagpupunta sa Library para mag research…

…bakit parang wala nang mga naglalaro ng patintero at tumbang preso sa mga kalye?
Lahat nasa harap ng computer naglalaro o nag fe-facebook nalang…

…bakit nagagalit ang mga tao pag hindi nakakatanggap ng message o email araw araw?
Dati maghihintay ka ng ilang araw para makakuha ng liham mula sa kartero…

Tunay ngang malaki ang pinagbago ng mundo dahil sa teknolohiya. Maaaring para sa ikabubuti at ikaaayos ito ng sangkatauhan.
Sana lang ay huwag nating kalimutang isipin na nabuhay din tayong alipin ng kawalan nito, ngunit nakatawid naman tayo.

Technology is here to help us live easier lives, not run it for us…

End Of Summer Nature Apple Desktop633

End of Summer…

August Blues

Heck, I didn’t even want to think about August, or blues for that matter…

Anyway, back-to-school hype (which is May in the Philippines because school starts June over there) when I was a schoolbag-toting, uniform-wearing, Catholic school girl was the best part of school!

New shoes, new school bag, new books, new notebooks, new pens, oh, and did I mention how much of a sucker I am when it comes to school supplies? Plus the thought of seeing old friends and making new ones is always exciting.

But now, the thought of summer ending leaves a bad taste in my mouth. All I feel is dread as the coming months loom over my head. I know what’s coming as I see my garden starting to get tired. The prolific apple tree in our backyard, with its heavy branches drooping with fruit, starts to litter the weaker apples all over the ground. Some of the summer flowering plants are starting to hang their heads, getting ready to store their energies for next year.

Though I still get awestruck by how beautiful and colourful autumn can be, the gradual drop in temperature is like a slow freeze to my soul.

I just wish mother earth will be ever so kind this year and give us a mild winter. Please? Continue reading

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